A Lovely Mention in ELLE India Magazine

I’ve been a bit morose lately because my YouTube channel seems to have slowed down in growth these past few months. But today, having discovered that there’s a lovely article in ELLE India Magazine that mentions my vlog … the blues are quickly dissipating. Creating these vlogs makes me happy. But I’m even happier knowing that there’s an audience out there who finds my little wabi sabi films somewhat useful in their daily life.

Thank you Gargi Agrawal for this thoughtful and meaningful write-up. I appreciate it so much.

ALTERED in Northern VA International Film & Music Festival + Tokyo Lift-Off Film Fest

Two more film festivals accepted ALTERED as part of their line-up this year: Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival welcomes ALTERED into their “Artist Circle” and the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival showcases ALTERED as an official selection.

All excitement aside, it’s time to gather some ideas for the next few projects. This is always the hardest part for me.

White Tulips

Seeing tulips in the flower section of my local grocery stores always reminds me that spring is here. A lovely sign! Last week, I spotted these white tulips in Giant. I couldn’t resist and bought a bouquet. Overnight, the stems started drooping because they’re too frail to hold up the bulbs. I cut all the stems down drastically and put the tulips into tiny vases (formerly spaghetti or jam jars). They’re doing better now. It’s been a week and they’re holding up quite well.

The Bookish Life of an Introvert

I finally finished this book. Don’t know why it took me so long. It might as well be titled “The Bookish Life of Sarahdippity.” Nina works in the bookstore, loves to read, takes photographs in her spare time, is a huge introvert, and prefers to be alone rather than with the wrong people. She lives with her cat Phil.
I live with my dog Max who loves to hang out on the deck these days. The weather is so nice … he has spring fever. 🙂
Long walk, breakfast & and then it’s morning nap time!
Pretty flowers everywhere.

Movies & series I’ve watched lately: Unhinged, Servant, The Last of the Mohicans, Ginny & Georgia, Grey’s Anatomy (Season 15), Zack Snyder’s Justice League (4-hour long movie) ….