January Visual Diary

I know it’s March … but I’m so behind with editing photos. Here are a few snaps from January.

Hanging on the lamp by my bedside is this quote I love from the Dalai Lama:
“We are visitors on this planet,
we are here for ninety or one hundred years at the very most.
During that period,
we must try to do something good, something useful,
with our lives.
If you contribute to other people’s happiness,
you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life.”
My Dad picked out these flowers for his 86th birthday in January.
Dad’s birthday cake was from Wegman’s – fruitcake that everyone seems to like.
My parents spent all day making this Vietnamese fish noodle soup “Hủ Tiếu Cá” for us. It was delicious! Better than the ones made in restaurants for sure!
Max taking a winter nap. I always put a blanket on him. My friend thinks Max’s fur is enough to keep him warm. I beg to differ. My Mom knitted this blanket for me years ago. It’s so cozy and soft.
Hygge light in the living room. The warmer the lighting, the more hyggelig. I’m a fanatic about hyggelig lighting. 🙂
The park in winter time. No leaves yet the trees are still so beautiful against the grey sky.
For my birthday last year, my sister sent me a host of beautiful pens to play with – and this cool pen organizer too. Thanks sis!
When you spot beautiful sunlight in your home, you take a photo. 🙂
Bowtie pasta for dinner and why not make a vlog while you’re at it? 🙂
I love Fuji cameras. Once I tried one, it’s hard to go back to anything else. Canon is my 2nd favorite … but truly … I’m a Fuji shooter at heart now.
Went on a hike with my cousins … first time ever we hiked together. It was so fun!
After the hike, my cousins made us a delicious dinner starting with this fresh, yummy guacamole!
Purple potatoes with veggies … homemade by chef Charlie. Beautiful!
My cousin Charlie is one of the best real-life chefs I know!! Seriously! His steaks are amazing!
Snowy just had cataract surgery. Poor baby.

Vlog: My Hyggelig Snowy Day

January finally brought us some snow this year. I was beside myself with joy. Being an introvert, I love snowy days. It allows me to stay in and HYGGE: read a book by the window while drinking my cup of coffee, snuggle up with Max, cook dinner at a slow leisurely pace, watch my favorite Netflix series (currently it’s THE CROWN). This was my “hyggelig” snowy day. The vlog is up today!

My Silent Vlog Board on Pinterest

Yes, Sarahdippity’s silent vlogs are on Pinterest. I created this board a short while ago but am not good with populating and updating it. Keeping up with posting on YouTube is one of my goals this year, along with trying to make a documentary film and a short film or two. It’s already February though and we are still in the middle of our COVID era. I’m not sure how to make movies given the parameters we are living in. Like my Dad so wisely advised, just take it “one day at a time.”

Visual Inspirations: Yasujiro Ozu’s An Autumn Afternoon

Winter is finally here. We had our first snow storm of 2021 and it has been a wonderful lazy Sunday. In need of a large dose of inspirations, I browsed through the Criterion Channel tonight after watching THE CROWN and YOUR HONOR. The results are these beautifully framed shots of AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON (1962), directed by Yasujiro Ozu (Japan). I’ll post more once I have a chance to finish the film.

Inauguration Day

So glad Inauguration Day today was a peaceful, historic and much more hopeful one. The country is back on track!
Also … my nephew is 19 today! It feels like yesterday that he turned 12 while scooping up snow to taste right out of his hands. And the day before when he was 6 and said “it’s so hard to be 6.” Time flies is an understatement. Soak it all in before it passes you by.