Day By Day

Week 2 of self-quarantine. But it’s not bad at all because we can still go outside to the parks for fresh air. Pretty flowers are popping up everywhere … it’s one of the most beautiful Springs we’ve ever had. Yet each day we wake up with more shocking news about the Coronavirus. The news today is that the U.S. has the most number of COVID-19 cases worldwide. I have a friend who works at a hospital in DC. I fear for his health daily. The risk that our health professionals take to help others. They’re truly heroes.

My friend said … how unusual it is to see red pine cones. These days we take many walks around the neighborhood. Slow, deliberate walks. And I notice things I’ve not spotted before. Like these little red pine cones.

Max has Spring fever too. He loves to lounge on the grass and refuses to leave. I think it makes him happy. It’s always about the little things in life.

Saw my brother and my two little nephews for a brief time this afternoon. They came to play tennis. We got to hang out together – exercising social distancing of course – for about an hour or so. It was strange not being able to hug each other as we always do. But it was so good to see them.

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