Visual Inspirations: Yasujiro Ozu’s An Autumn Afternoon

Winter is finally here. We had our first snow storm of 2021 and it has been a wonderful lazy Sunday. In need of a large dose of inspirations, I browsed through the Criterion Channel tonight after watching THE CROWN and YOUR HONOR. The results are these beautifully framed shots of AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON (1962), directed by Yasujiro Ozu (Japan). I’ll post more once I have a chance to finish the film.

Memories of a Dog by Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama is a Japanese photographer. Memories of a Dog (2004) is a beautiful photography book with his photos and text accompanying them. I dream to be able to read one while drinking my chai tea latte one day. Notice I didn’t even say “to own one”? Just to be able to sit down with one for a few hours. Dreams live on.

Here’s an image of the book from Amazon. It currently costs $195+ for a used copy.

This 12-minute short documentary with the filmmaker following Daido Moriyama around town (somewhere in Japan) as he’s photographing is a film to savor and love. Especially if you’re an image & memory creator at heart.