Inauguration Day

So glad Inauguration Day today was a peaceful, historic and much more hopeful one. The country is back on track!
Also … my nephew is 19 today! It feels like yesterday that he turned 12 while scooping up snow to taste right out of his hands. And the day before when he was 6 and said “it’s so hard to be 6.” Time flies is an understatement. Soak it all in before it passes you by.

My New Favorite Camera

This beautiful vintage-looking baby came home with me in late September and has not left my side since. I fell in love with it and have stopped picking up any other cameras. Even my much loved XT-2.

Which Day Is This?

In this COVID time, all the days seem to blend in together for me. Weekdays and weekends are all the same. I wake up dazed and confused because I rarely could sleep the night before. Last night, I finally fell asleep at 6AM, having tossed and turned all night long with my thoughts running the wild gamut. I want to call it being anxious, but I’m not sure if that’s even the right word. Max, my Corgi, seemed to be in the same boat as me. He woke up at around 4AM, got out of his furry bed, whimpering and whining … which he rarely does. Unable to go back to sleep, the two of us took a walk around the neighborhood – yes at 4:05AM.

It’s now 2:23PM and I just finished my breakfast … sunny-side-up eggs with Tuscan garlic toasts from Wegman’s and a cup of English Breakfast tea … and a work conference call. I downloaded onto my iPad Kindle a sample of a John McPhee book recommended by Dan Milnor. I’m always looking forward to discovering new authors. Especially the ones vouched for by someone I trust/respect/admire. (Yep! That’s you Dan.)

It rained this morning and now the cloudy sky has 100 shades of grey. I’m hunkering down to tackle more work projects trying to be as productive as I can. Being an introvert, I love working from home. It’s been my modus operandi for 11 years now. But I do miss traveling so much. It has been over six months since I’ve gone anywhere that’s more than 90 minutes from home. Travel means freedom for me. And not being able to travel feels like you’re in some sort of personal prison. Perhaps I’m being too dramatic?

My nephew is getting ready to go to college next week. He’ll be a freshmen at a huge university of over 30,000 students. They have to live on campus even though 100% of their classes will be online. I’m trying to think of a word appropriate to describe 2020. So far … nothing I came up with seems to be good enough.

Time to get back to being productive. This was my stab at self-therapy.

Summer of 2020

A strange, awkward time we are living in. Will things ever be back to normal? Mr. Turtle comes to this spot for his suntan every afternoon. His place in the sun. He is more free than the rest of us right now.

By the Eastern Shores

A few pictures I took during a long weekend by the sea for some much-needed down time. And of course, Max came too! I also filmed a vlog while at the beach, a very special one celebrating my YouTube channel’s 500 subscribers milestone. It’s been 2 fun-filled years since I started the channel. Looking forward to another year of adventures on YouTube! One of the best things about having a YouTube channel is the treasured friends I’ve made – from all over the world. Thank you all for your constant feedback and support.

Max enjoying the view from the hotel balcony in Ocean City, Maryland
We arrived right before sunset and this was the view across from our room.
Balcony view the next morning.
Max catching-up on his nap at the inn in Rehoboth Beach. His front left paw had a booboo. Poor baby.
Got up early to film a vlog by the sea this morning. 🙂
(Ocean City, Maryland)
Bethany Beach Books is a cute bookstore! Included it in the vlog too.
Maybe I’ll film this bookshop for the Book Lovers Series sometime soon.
Bethany Beach’s “downtown” area.
Yep! We are back at Browseabout Books! Our favorite Delaware bookstore!
Max made it to the Book Lovers Series’ Insta!
Browseabout Books needs to move that tree way to the side. 🙂
Full moon that night … by the sea.
Woke up early to catch the sunrise in Rehoboth Beach. I almost missed it though. Didn’t get up early enough.
A lovely Zen moment.
Trying to shoot a few thumbnail options for the vlog.
My set-up for the YouTube thumbnail shots. The G7X Mark II is a tiny work horse!
Hanging with the seagulls.
Self-portrait near The Coffee Mill.
Acai bowl at The Coffee Mill – healthy breakfast.