Autumn in Maine

Yes, I’m back in Maine! And no trip to Maine is complete without a stop at Red’s Eats, home of the best lobster rolls in the world. This year, the line was 1.5-hour long but every second spent waiting was oh-so worth it.
Mouth-watering lobster rolls … only at Red’s Eats.
I usually travel with a small army of cameras and lenses. This fall, it’s just me and my little Fujifilm P&S camera. I love how compact and analog it is! All the physical control buttons ready to serve my various whimsical moods. The camera is so light that I sometimes forgot it’s on me. The photos in this blog post were all taken with this camera.
A charming book purchase from one of the small boutiques lining Water Street in Wiscasset.
Not only does Rock Paper Scissors stock fabulous stationery and the likes, the shop is beautifully designed. So aesthetically pleasing to the eyes!
Spotted something cute at Rock Paper Scissors. Like this quote.
And these notebooks.
Even the shopkeeper at Rock Paper Scissors was adorable!
Discovered a new bookshop … one that’s rumored to have a ghost of its own, no less.
First time ever I stayed at a *haunted* inn. When I booked it, I had no idea that it too has a ghost of its own. I slept with the lights on each night.

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